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Our Embedded Payments Platform encompasses all the components needed to provide you and your merchants a comprehensive payments experience. This includes a real-time underwriting and onboarding system for you to quickly approve and add payments to a merchant account. A robust Payments capabilities to meet the pay-in payment processing needs of any merchant. Chargeback, fraud, and reporting tools to manage the merchant business. Timely and dependable payout options to you and your merchant to handle operational expenses complete the platform. Exact Payments will enable you to build powerful applications that elevate your customers without imposing limitations that would slow them down or cause confusion. We do this by providing a rich set of APIs that cover the payments lifecycle from end to end, enabling you to build the ideal user experence on top.

For Embedded Payments we expose a REST API. This API accepts and responds with JSON request and response bodies. All of our endpoints use standard HTTP verbs and response codes, and we use header based authentication.

Contact our team to request a sandbox account. We will reply back promptly with a confirmation email including getting started instructions.

Once you have been boarded, you will be given an application token. This application token can be used to authenticate with our API by passing it as the value of an Authorization header.

You can test your token by issuing the following request which looks up the session information for the token.

'method': "get",
"url": "",
"headers": {
"Authorization": ""

Once you are ready to begin we recomend reading about Authentication.